Pedestrian Crossing

Pedestrian crossing on Augustus Road

We are petitioning for a pedestrian crossing to be installed near the junction of Augustus Road and Princes Way as part of the Council’s plans for improving the ‘streetscape’ around Southfields. This is a dangerous junction with limited visibility close to three schools, medical facilities and bus stops.

The full wording of our petition is:

We the undersigned petition Wandsworth Borough Council to install a Pedestrian Crossing on Augustus Road SW19, near the junction with Princes Way SW19 to allow pedestrians, particularly parents with children and those with mobility problems, to cross the road safely confident in the knowledge that cars would actually stop and adhere to the rules of the road.

There are three Primary Schools and several doctors’ surgeries near this junction but there is no pedestrian crossing for the length of Augustus Road and the mini roundabout at the junction with Princes Way is confusing for pedestrians and is unsafe due to drivers driving too fast along both roads.

You can support the petition by signing online at: Wandsworth Council Petitions

We are also collecting signatures when we are out and about in the area and 30 local residents have signed up so far.